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Slot Machines: the most popular games

Are all of the gaming machines the same?

Most people look at the huge range of online casino gaming machines and think they are the same. You see the handle, the coin socket, the flashing light, and the drawing is as good as another. What is missing is a lot of valuable information that can help determine if they should play a game machine. Not all machines are the same, and the way to separate one machine from another is to learn to “read” the machine, looking at the sales plan at the front.

Slot machines have many different types

First of all, you will find the denomination of the coin needed to play this machine. There are several types of machines, or gambling machines, for which you must remember:

different slots machine

Bonus Multiplier: This machine works the same as the multiplier, except that it offers a bonus when playing in the maximum amount of coins and a hit in the pot. Three 7 can pay 1,000 for one coin, 2,000 for two coins and 10,000 for maximum coins. You must decide if the bonus is worth playing an additional coin.

Many payline lines: These machines have more than one line of game.

Each coin activates a specific line. If you hit a winner on a line that is not active, you will not receive anything. Older machines had three lines, but newer video slots can have up to nine lines.

Where to find best internet slots?

In a market that is developing as fast as online gambling, it is easy to come across websites that are only there to grab a piece of cake. Regardless of whether it is rotten apples with dishonest casinos, or cheap suits that go through what others have been offering for years – two things are for sure: nothing added to the industry, and you do not want to have an account on their sites. Online gambling is entertainment. This is fun. Of course – it may be too overwhelming win, but this should be the icing on the cake, and not the only reason that leads to the website of the online casino.

Which online casinos are the most popular amongst gaming machines enthusiasts?

bgo casino

With references such as Paris Hilton, Dan Bilzerian and Verne Troyer, BGO is one of the most popular online casinos in the world. This online casino on the Isle of Man offers great jackpot games such as Mega Moolah Mega and King Cashalot, as well as impressive slot machines such as Murder Mystery and Masques of San Marco.

While using the exclusive software created by iSoft Bet, Netbet Casino offers a really impressive list of the best gaming machines. Not only do these legitimate casino rooms provide access to all of the biggest progressive jackpots in the industry, but it also brings classics such as Starburst and new titles such as Fantasmini: the champion of the Mystery on the same platform. Moreover, most casinos give you awesome bonuses, for example Christmas casino promotions and free spins during other occasions.

Which machines are the best and how to play to win?

progressive slots

In most slots the amount of the highest pot is fixed, but in some slots there is a counter that shows the amount of the pool that is gradually growing. They are called progressive machines (as opposed to flat-top machines). Some of the money played in these machines goes towards increasing the jackpot. The more people are playing, the higher. If nobody plays, the amount of the jackpot does not move. Unfortunately, no one knows how to play progressive slots. Progressive gaming machines are usually combined so that playing on any of the connected machines powers the pool. Of course, all related games can win the pool. There may be only one bank of machines connected with each other, but there are also machines that are connected by the whole state of Nevada, such as Megabucks and Fortuna. If you go from one online casino to another, you’ll see that the jackpot for Megabucks is the same. Playing on any Megabucks machine in the entire state means that the meter is higher. This is one of the reasons why I can afford such a lot.


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